East Coast Runs

East Coast Runs - Loading up

After three East Coast Runs, I have discovered some amazing sites and things to see.  The transit from St Catharines and across the boarder normally happens in the late evening very close to sunset so the trip in to Springfield MA, is in the dark, and there is not much to see but I can tell that the scenery is lovely.  I normally take over for the Worchester to New Jersey part of the run, […]

The Crazy Trucker

Crazy Trucker - Trillium Floral

Good evening, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the Crazy Trucker Blog.  I am a newly certified Cz Driver (Bus Driver with air brakes) here in Ontario.  I decided quickly not to go into driving Bus, but to find work driving a Straight Truck (aka : Dz) vehicle. Some back ground on my path to driving a Straight Truck is really kind of interesting.  I was serving in the Canadian […]