East Coast Runs

East Coast Runs - Traffic
East Coast Runs – Traffic

After three East Coast Runs, I have discovered some amazing sites and things to see.  The transit from St Catharines and across the boarder normally happens in the late evening very close to sunset so the trip in to Springfield MA, is in the dark, and there is not much to see but I can tell that the scenery is lovely.  I normally take over for the Worchester to New Jersey part of the run, and I am able to watch the sun rise which to me is always beautiful.

Dz Driver on the East Coast Run

The East Coast Runs would be for not if we didn’t stop in the Market in Boston, and just before we hit the Market we pass by this old dinner just off the highway, the colors are spectacular and it screams for pictures to be taken of it for the website, so that is on a list for me to get completed.  The market drop off takes some time with easily 100 – 250 pails of flowers to be off loaded and transferred to the various whole sale business at the market.  Every time we get to the back of the market we see this one particular security guard who never gets close to leaving his seat and all he seems content in doing is playing video games.  What an existence that must be.

The East Coast Runs are long and we a huge amount of product to be delivered in a short period of time.  Plus there are some long travels between drops.  This run is anywhere between 36 hours to 42 or so hours depending on traffic, and how fast the loading and unloading of the trucks go.  The east coast runs are a blast because the George Washington Bridge, and going through parts of New York City, and seeing the things I have only witnessed on the TV.


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