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Gear Review - MSDASHCAM Mobile Spec
Gear Review – MSDASHCAM Mobile Spec

Well we have been hard at work doing at least two runs a week that works out to almost 3000 miles a week, and there is one thing I have been wanting to add to my truck is the Dash Cam.  So, I went out an purchased a MSDASHCAM from MobileSpec.  There was two main reasons why I chose this particular model, and one is being the price, and then the second it is advertised as having an IR Capability.

Here is what is advertised for this Dash Cam directly from their website to our Gear Review.

MobileSpec Dash Cam with 2.5″ LCD Screen and 4X Digital Zoom
This High Definition Vehicle DVR with 180° rotating lens andNight Vision Camera captures video and replays it on a 2.5″ LCD screen. Capture amazingly sharp and colorful recordings in all light conditions. The video is stored on the SDHC memory card and recording time can be adjusted to 3, 5 or 10 minute intervals.The MSDASHCAM can be connected to your computer for convenient video and photo storage. Included in the packaging is the DashCam, suction cup mount, AC charger, DC charger, USB cable, A/V cable, carrying case, battery, 8GB class 10 SD card and user manual. The high quality video & audio records your driving incidents…securing your point of view.
  • Modular Lens Rotates 180°
  • Display Screen Rotates 360°
  • Automatic Exposure Function
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Supports SDHC Card up to 32GB
    (Includes 8GB class 10 card)
  • Self-Timer for Photography Mode
  • Anti-Shake Function
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • 4X Digital Zoom with up to 12M Photo Resolution
  • Automatic Exposure Control Function



This is a cut and paste directly off their website.  Overall I would give this 2 1/2 stars for the following reasons;

  1. The mount is pretty basic, and only can be moved in the horizontal and vertical plains, which I find a little limiting, though the camera lens can be positioned in manually.
  2.  After going though the settings, I first set the camera to G force Medium, 720 dpi, Motion detect on, and 10 minute
    Gear Review - MSDASHCAM Mobile Spec
    Gear Review – MSDASHCAM Mobile Spec

    looping recordings.  The camera focused very well, especially though the crud we have on the windscreen of the truck, however, the motion detected did not function as described, especially when we were stopped a bay to unload, I purposely would go into the view of the camera to help create motion but the camera did not start recording and for that matter it never would stop recording either.  With the G force being Medium, every time the truck would hit a bump the camera would shake and that would set off the sensor, and the recording then would be locked.  With the loop set for ten minutes, I have a number of locked 10 minute files which would not over right as looping would lead you to believe.  So, I removed the G force settings, thinking since the file was locked, then it would not over right as the locked file in theory is that of a collision.  Once I made this change, there was no difference in performance, as the camera will not loop record.

  3.  Since I can not loop record, the 8gig SD Card is way to small, as it will fill up inside an hour of travel with the camera being left on.  I put a 32 gig in the camera, and I was able to record an 11 hour HOS run from Buffalo to New Jersey, as long as I shut the camera off during trailer unloads, stopped traffic, and other slow downs which I felt I would not need the recording for.


So our Gear Review; I think then camera is going to useful for some running around the city, but with the highway driving I do, and the amount of time I would like the camera to remain running, ie 48 hours plus, until the looping issue is working properly the camera will have it’s limitations.  However, I think it works as a $119.00 camera should work.