The Crazy Trucker

The Crazy Trucker - Trillium Floral
The Crazy Trucker – Trillium Floral

Good evening, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the Crazy Trucker Blog.  I am a newly certified Cz Driver (Bus Driver with air brakes) here in Ontario.  I decided quickly not to go into driving Bus, but to find work driving a Straight Truck (aka : Dz) vehicle.

Some back ground on my path to driving a Straight Truck is really kind of interesting.  I was serving in the Canadian Navy when I injured my right knee, and it was determined that I could not go to sea any longer so I was made unfit sea, unfit along side and then explained to me that I would be released, with an LTD retraining package.  I was able to get my 20 years of service so I was lucky enough to get the first level of a pension from the CF.  Since I was being released on what is called a 3B (Medical Release) I can start collecting not only my pension but what is called an indexed pension, so that is nice, as in theory the pension will grow some every year.  I was injured at work, so I should be able to apply for a Veterans Affairs medical pension, but of course I was denied this, come to find out the Sickbay Med A which is a glorified Paramedic did not enter the paper report of the injury therefore I have no proof.  I went and request the Med A submit the report after the fact but of course there would be ramification since he has not done his job correctly in the first place.  With many Med A’s this was the case almost a norm for many many of the years I served.  So, till this day I have been denied the Medical Pension I should be able to collect but can not.

Not to worry however, I took my LTD budget and sunk it into the job/profession I knew I would love, and one that I would be good at.  It turns out, I was more than good at it, I was great at it.  I spent 6 months retraining learning how to safely teach people how to scuba dive with the PADI training program, and proceeded to live in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia teaching scuba diving and managing various dive centers.  In late 2014 it was decided medically I should not dive any longer as I was having an adverse affect with the nitrogen loading that is caused but the diving.  So decided to head off to the Philippines where my girlfriend is from and marry the lady, who is the love of my life.

So while living with my new wife in Bacolod City, I decided I should return to Canada as my sister was terminally ill, and I wanted to be with her while she fought this disease, which she lost too on the 27th of June 2015.  Since I was back, and my wife has decided to join me here, I needed to find work.  My nieces husband is an Az driver (tracker Trailer) and he pointed out to me the amount of work that is out there for truckers, it seemed like a natural fit, especially since i love traveling so much.

The Crazy Trucker - OTDS
The Crazy Trucker – OTDS

In early June I signed up with the Ontario Truck Driving School (OTDS) here in the Niagara area, and proceeded to do my Cz so I could have option of Bus or Straight Truck.  The course was about three weeks in length with about 10 hours behind the wheel time, one on one with my instructor.  I also took the Z or air brakes endorsement, as well the Hours of Service class, Safe Driving, and boarder crossing.   I was very impressed with OTDS with the way the course was structured and the knowledgeable staff and instructors at the school.  It was not more than a day or two from getting my license that I got a call back or two, and settled with the job I am currently working at with Trillium Floral.

So far its been a great ride, though it’s been only two trips, its been a lot of fun and I have learned so much.  If you’re looking for a second career, trucking might be for you.  If you have any questions be sure to let me know.